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I have been working hard on my latest performance, and invite you to join me for this journey. Come, and be entertained. I love to meet my audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward.
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Artists Bio                                                                                            Jennifer's Compositions

Jennifer Sisco, vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter.  She has been performing since the age of two and to this point has performed in the genres of gospel, country, rock, classical, musical theater, blues and pop.  She is a versatile musician who succeeds in capturing the attention of her audiences and pushing them to the euphoria that is live music. Jennifer expresses her gratitude to you for taking an interest in her music and she hopes that you will keep coming back to the site for news and upcoming events. 

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This song can be found at Cover Songs

01 Explosive High Voltage Master.mp3

This Song can be found at Jennifer's Album

02 Canopy.mp3

This Song can be found at Children's Books and Musicals

Country Love.mp3

This Song can be found at Music Compositions Library under Country


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